About BioStrong

Improving bone density and strength improves lives.

Not only does it result in fewer bone fractures and breaks, better posture, and better balance; building bone density through controlled loading exercises improves strength, which leads to more active lifestyles.

That’s why we exist.

BioStrong grew out of the evidence

“The principles of this bioDensity device are based on published research that loading of the body creates an adaptive response. This research has existed for over 100 years.”

Eleanor Hynote, Former President of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine

Our company developed from the strength of the evidence behind the bioDensity™ system. Low bone mineral density has long been recognized as a problem in urban populations where activity levels and diets can be poor. In studies, it was found that sessions using a bioDensity™ device were more than twice as effective at improving bone density than using the best bone anabolic drugs – and more than eight times more effective than standard weight-bearing exercises.

So, this safe, proven, natural way of osteogenic (bone) loading is the most effective system on the planet for improving bone density. Knowing this helps us help you – whether you want to become more active and stronger, reduce the risk of injury, or battle a chronic disease like diabetes or cardiovascular problems.

Feel strong. Move strong

Based in Calgary, Alberta, we are the only skeletal health centre providing bioDensity™ devices in the city.

At our clinic, you can begin the process of reversing some of the problems you have experienced from low bone density. We’ve seen wonderful results in people in short spaces of time; and those who persevere with the program can achieve exceptional, life-changing results. This is because the system helps strengthen the body’s musculoskeletal system, which is essentially our framework for movement.

As you age, if you allow your musculoskeletal system to fall into “disrepair” it will lead to a variety of health problems. We help you reverse or avoid that troubling situation. The best part? Most people only need 10-15 minutes per week to see lasting results…


Strong reviews
from stronger people

I knew it was bad when my doctor looked at my DEXA report and was silent- my bone density could not be that bad. I started bioDensity 4 years ago with scores of -4.9 femur and -4.6 spine. I stayed on the program religiously as well as exercised, watched my diet and did everything I was asked to do by my clinical team and recently Dexa results came back at -2.8 femur and -3.1 spine. bioDensity will be part of my health and fitness plan for the rest of my life.

54-year old patient

"I was fortunate enough to be one of the initial 400 test subjects for osteogenic loading via the bioDensity device. As a Physician, I realized that the vast majority of the population should be using this technology to access the human body’s own natural process for creating bone mass, and building tremendous levels of muscular strength. I have always been involved with fitness, and have been an advocate of the curative nature of exercise, but no modality I have come across has the potential to change the lives of so many millions of people like this one. In my own personal use, I saw a force production increase from my neuro-musculoskeletal system of 119% in thirty-two months. Others that I observed in the program had similar responses, along with improved bone mass density and posture."

Steve Shifflett, MD Orthopedic Surgery

"I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes several months ago. My A1C was at 7.7. I have been using bioDensity for about 2 months. After constant dedication to the program, I went to have my second blood test. The doctor was shocked. He said I am no longer diabetic; not even pre-diabetic. He said he’s never seen anything like this before."


"My physician told me one year ago to start taking drugs to deal with my severe osteoporosis. I told her that I wanted to try bioDensity and she said I would be wasting my money and in one year we would have to start taking the drugs. My one-year DEXA results showed a 7% improvement in spine and 5% improvement in the femur. BioDensity worked for me. I changed doctors."



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