Research Studies


Effects Of Low Volume High-intensity Strength Training On Health/Fitness Factors and Glycemic Control in Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

Over a 24 week period, this study looks to determine how bioDensity improves aspects of diabetes.

New Apparatus Provides Compression Forces On Bone Resulting in Osteoblastic Activity – April 2018

A paper about how safe and effective osteogenic loading is for osteoporosis.

Safety and Feasibility Of Osteogenic Loading In Adults With Low BMI – Italy 2017

Study on how safe osteogenic loading is for people with low BMI. They also set out to find the benefits it has for low BMI people.

Increase of Force Production with bioDensity White Paper

White paper detailing three ways the body adapts and can be measured by force production when using a bioDensity machine.

Physiological Impact of bioDensity White Paper

Details how bone mass and other physiological improvements occur after using bioDensity.

bioDensity and Power Plate Neural Potentiation White Paper

Explains why better motor neuron function benefits, and also how bioDensity improves it.

Anti-aging and Osteogenic Loading White Paper

Explains how osteogenic loading improves the bone mass and other health benefits in midlife to elderly individuals.

bioDensity, A Safe, Non-pharma Treatment for Bone Health and Fracture Prevention White Paper

Learn how bioDensity, without medicine, helps improve bone density and increase force production.

bioDensity Clinical Force Production Increase White Paper

An analysis of over 4,000 test subjects of how force production and bone density increases.


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