How It Works

bone density exercises

How It Works

Activities that “involve impact are most useful for increasing or maintaining bone mass”
The U.S Surgeon General (2003)

Brief, periodic pressure exerted on the body’s musculoskeletal system sends important signals to the body to build bone and strengthen muscle. Just as muscles become larger when we exercise them, bones also adapt to outward pressure making them denser and stronger.

The BioStrong system facilitates this process, using controlled loading that creates enough force to be effective and safe, according to the unique requirements of your body. The results of this natural process are highly measurable and you will start to see results with 10-15 minute sessions once per week.

With just ten minutes per week, people of an average age of 82 improved strength by 49% in just 3 months.


Strength Gain Case Study

Increased muscle strength study chart
Biodensity and Power Plate Springpoint study – February 2016


What is osteoporosis?

The problem with many exercise regimens is that people don’t keep doing them or the required forces to build bone density and strength are too dangerous using traditional methods. Safety and consistency is everything with building strength, bone, and in general fitness and health. The BioStrong system is so effective because it is easy to remain motivated, it is safe and it provides incredible gains compared to conventional solutions.


✓ Results orientated – Clinically proven to provide the absolute best results in bone and strength growth.

✓ Guaranteed results – Results will vary, but if there are zero improvements after 8 sessions, we will refund all membership fees.

✓ See tangible results after just a few sessions. The technology creates charts to show progress.

✓ Don’t need to cancel something else to fit a session in – it takes just 10-15 minutes per week.

✓ It’s safe – there’s no need to worry that people will “overdo it” being fully supervised, loading sessions are controlled and sessions are tailored to unique body requirements.

✓ It’s not physically demanding – the loading is only 10 seconds of force: won’t even break a sweat.

✓ No tiredness or muscle fatigue afterward – can do a session in your lunchtime and then return to work.

✓ Don’t need to go to a gym – wearing gym clothes is not even necessary for a session. Wear anything besides heels and skirts.

✓ It works on multiple levels – improving bone density, strength, balance, and even some chronic health conditions.

✓ It works for people of all fitness levels – Anyone from more mature individuals with bone density concerns all the way to professional athletes and powerlifters looking to increase strength, explosiveness, speed and so on.

✓ Get reimbursed – Most company benefits plans offer an unreserved health account.

✓ No pharmaceuticals involved – an important consideration for many who already take medicine for other conditions.

what happens during a session?

Your BioStrong Session

You will only require one weekly visit to the BioStrong center in Calgary. Your BioStrong session will begin with a few quick whole-body vibration exercises to warm up your muscles, wake up your nervous system and improve blood circulation.

Then you will move to the bioDensity™ device itself. You will complete four simple movements that will consist of pushing and pulling in four different positions. These are scientifically designed to trigger bone density and strength improvements.


Who’s BioStrong for?

The BioStrong system is suitable for people of all ages. Apart from those with known low bone density, it can help people suffering from Osteoporosis, Poor balance, Diabetes, Back pain, Joint pain, Poor posture, Muscle tension, Poor circulation, and Stress

Additionally, professional athletes use BioStrong to improve athletic performance.


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We will help you assess whether a program can help your condition and discuss the details of treatment.

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