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Body Composition Scans in Calgary, Canada

Welcome to a new era of personalized wellness! Our cutting-edge body composition scans utilizing REMS technology provide a comprehensive analysis of your body's composition, guiding you towards optimal health and fitness. Located in Calgary, Canada, our EchoLight scanner offers a radiation-free and highly accurate alternative to traditional DXA scans - providing you with unparalleled insights into your body.

You can learn more about what how REMS compares to DXA on this page.

What's Inside Your Body Composition Scan?

Our advanced body composition scans delve deep into the intricacies of your body, breaking down:

Body Fat Percentage

Understand your body fat to tailor your fitness and nutrition plans more effectively.

Basal Metabolic Rate

BMR is the minimal caloric requirement for basic sustenance or the amount of energy your body would burn if you remained lying down all day.

Lean Muscle Mass

Monitor changes in your body composition over time to fine-tune your health and fitness goals.

Activity Metabolism

Based on your reported current activity level and BMR, it estimates your required calories to keep your weight stable. Get information based on your activity level so you can precisely plan if you want to lose or gain weight.

Bone Density

A vital measure for overall bone health, aiding in the prevention of conditions like osteoporosis.

Why Opt for a Body Composition Scan?

Embark on a personalized wellness journey with a body composition scan tailored just for you. Here's why you should consider it:

Precise Planning

Customized fitness and nutrition plans based on accurate data, ensuring efficient results.

Preventive Health Insights

Identify potential health risks early on, empowering you to make proactive lifestyle choices.

Track Your Progress

Monitor changes in your body composition over time to fine-tune your health and fitness goals.

Who Benefits from Body Composition scans

Our scans cater to a diverse range of individuals, including:

Fitness Enthusiasts

Fine-tune your workouts and nutrition plans for optimal results.


Maximize performance by understanding your body's composition in detail.

Health-conscious Individuals

Proactively manage your health by identifying potential risks.

People Seeking Weight Management

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight with personalized insights.

Why EchoLight?

Unlike DXA scans, our radiation-free alternative offers superior accuracy without compromising your safety.

Learn more about the EchoLight and REMS technology here

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Learn more about the Pros and Cons of DXA (DEXA) body composition and body fat percentage scans here.

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