Improve Balance


Improve Balance

Balance is one of those things we take for granted until we lose it. Young, healthy people do not have to think about it. But, as we age, balance can be disrupted for of many reasons, increasing the risk of accidents and falls.

If you also have osteoporosis, your bones are weak and this can lead to fractures and breaks. The good news is that improved balance is possible, even as you age. With simple strengthening exercises for your musculoskeletal system, you can improve your balance.

Why do our bodies lose balance?

Good balance depends on many bodily systems working together. These include muscles, bones, joints, vision, the inner ear’s balance organ, nerves, and heart and blood vessels.

Aging can cause deterioration of any of these systems, negatively affecting balance. In particular, muscles, bone, and joint weakness play a major role in the loss of balance as we age. Even as we enter middle-age, we have to work our muscles to retain their strength.

There is, however, an effective way to strengthen the entire musculoskeletal system and restore balance…

Improved Balance

How does BioStrong
help with balance?

The bone-loading exercises that make up the BioStrong program are based on forces exerted to increase bone density and strength as well as whole-body vibration. Loads are increased according to what your body can optimally take. This makes Osteogenic Loading safe, pain-free, and manageable for people of any age. The forces placed on different parts of the body by the exercises stimulate your natural ability to rebuild bone, muscle, and strength.

By triggering mineral absorption in the bones, it helps to remodel them and reduce lost density, as well as enhancing muscle strength. It also helps to restore balance, as well as has a positive effect on osteoporosis and posture.

BioDensity vs Medication

A drug-free way
to improve balance

Sometimes, balance problems can be poorly diagnosed and you can end up on medication that you don’t need or want. You should check with a medical professional that your balance issues are not caused by inner ear problems or other non-musculoskeletal reasons. However, where the problem is a result of weakened bones, muscles, or joints, the BioStrong system is a completely natural way to help reverse it.

Improving bone density naturally is a preferable option for many patients. You can start seeing the results from the first session and achieve great results in the long term with just a 15-minute session each week.


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