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Sign up for a free session between June 1 and June 30 and be automatically entered into a draw to win a six month free membership at BioStrong!
- 24x BioDenisty sessions
- Coaching with our trained Bio Coaches
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No purchase necessary. Contest open to residence of Alberta 18 years and over. Contest ends June 30, 2022

Process for orientation

Please be prepared for Free Session (Orientation) to be around 50-60 min.

  • Introduction: Greeted by the subscription specialist, you will receive a quick introduction and be offered a beverage and/or snack.
  • Health and Wellness Form: You will fill out a brief health and wellness form. This will be a good opportunity to ask questions, get to know the BioStrong method and align your goals with our organization.
  • BioStrong Science: Watch an engaging video on what we do, the problems we solve and the science behind BioStrong.
  • Bone Density Scan: BioStrong offers a complimentary ZERO radiation bone density scan (completely optional).
  • Equipment: Begin your free session on the equipment, where you can learn about the equipment and enter in all your information for performance results on the equipment.
  • Vibe Plates: Start the Vibe Plates session for 2 to 3 minutes (50% load then 100%). During this step, our specialist will explain what happens when you are on the vibe plates.
  • BioDensity Machine: You will spend 1 minute per exercise on the BioDensity machine for osteogenic loading. This includes Chest Press, Leg Press, Vertical Pull, Vertical Lift (50% load then 100%). During this step, our specialist will explain what happens during all the 4 exercises.
  • Back to Vibe Plates: for 2 to 3 minutes (50% load then 100%).
  • Q&A: Discuss about your membership plans, answer any questions you might have and align your goals.
  • Membership Set Up: If BioStrong is a fit, we will set you up as a member and book you in for your weekly appointments.

Refund Policy

BioStrong Inc. believes heavily in our ability to provide results for our customers. Should our clients follow our recommendations of weekly sessions and take direction from our BioCoaches during their sessions yet see zero results we will refund your membership fees 100%.

To be eligible you must come once per week for 8 weeks. If your muscular strength or balance or both does not improve, we will provide a refund for all membership fees.


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It starts with an initial appointment to discuss your medical history, main health concerns and expectations of BioStrong therapy.

We will help you assess whether a program can help your condition and discuss the details of treatment.

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