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Process for orientation

Please be prepared for Free Session (Orientation) to be around 50-60 min.

  • Introduction: Greeted by the subscription specialist, you will receive a quick introduction and be offered a beverage and/or snack.
  • Health and Wellness Form: You will fill out a brief health and wellness form. This will be a good opportunity to ask questions, get to know the BioStrong method and align your goals with our organization.
  • BioStrong Science: Watch an engaging video on what we do, the problems we solve and the science behind BioStrong.
  • Equipment: Begin your free session on the equipment, where you can learn about the equipment and enter in all your information for performance results on the equipment.
  • Vibe Plates: Start the Vibe Plates session for 2 to 3 minutes (50% load then 100%). During this step, our specialist will explain what happens when you are on the vibe plates.
  • BioDensity Machine: You will spend 1 minute per exercise on the BioDensity machine for osteogenic loading. This includes Chest Press, Leg Press, Vertical Pull, Vertical Lift (50% load then 100%). During this step, our specialist will explain what happens during all the 4 exercises.
  • Back to Vibe Plates: for 2 to 3 minutes (50% load then 100%).
  • Q&A: Discuss about your membership plans, answer any questions you might have and align your goals.
  • Membership Set Up: If BioStrong is a fit, we will set you up as a member and book you in for your weekly appointments.

Customer Reviews

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Sophie Moore

Because Biostrong makes a difference in overall bone health. My 3 months so far has given me back strength and hope. The staff are knowledgeable in bone health and truly care about your bone health.

Charlene C

Thorough explanation of science behind Biostrong approach. Very knowledgeable staff. Exercises were not difficult to understand or perform.

Jarett T

Friendly, patient, but above all, I know it will help my body gain strength

Sheri L

This is because I liked how professional was everybody (from the first minute to the last), I liked the equipment and the exercises. I am looking forward to the next appointments in November and beyond! Thank you Michael and everybody! Bianca

Bianca P

Personalized care with clear direction. I felt better after my first session and am looking forward to more.

Cheryl M

Everything was discussed thoroughly with me about the machines, what each position does, how to use properly , what information is been giving. the knowledge of Michael , letting me know how this method will help me in my strength of my bones.. I've struggled for years with osteoporosis and believe this type of exercise once a week will be beneficial!

Deborah M

Because it's a proven scientific alternative for suffers of osteoporosis which can be a game changer for many...including myself

Charlene C

A safe and supportive environment with 1:1 excellent coaching to help me meet my healing goals.

Yvonne S

It's an awesome new concept in ensuring physical capability for seniors

Rick M

I have noticed a difference in your energy and strength in my body also the staff is great.

Olinda V

I was very comfortable with Jon. The atmosphere was calming. The machines were clean and the rooms tidy. Experiencing the machines was important. Jon answered all of my questions. It is something I am interested in trying as I am not willing to take medications at this time for osteoporosis. Jill L

Jill L

I just completed my 1st year with BioStrong and l'm over the top pleased with my results. My latest Dexa scan on Dec 14 showed my T-score going from the osteoporosis range to the osteopenia range. This was my goal for 2022 and one that l would not have reached without the team at BioStrong. Their weekly coaching and guidance contributed to this level of improved bone density. Thank you BioStrong - l look forward to another successful year in 2023.

Bernie D

Supportive and encouraging staff. Immediate feedback on how you are progressing. Encouragement from the family doctor for the program.

Majorie Y

I think the bio density machine is a great way to build more bone density. It is quicker than I'd be able to do with exercise alone. The guys running it are knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with.

Kelly S

Great trainers - so knowledgeable, fun sessions. The workouts are intense, short and really make a difference

Barbra R

A great, personable team, and the latest high-tech equipment to give you accurate feedback on your progress.

Gus L

The technology is amazing; the staff knowledgeable and friendly

Jane E

Everyone is friendly and encouraging. My strength readings are certainly increasing. I'm trusting that after a year I'll see an improvement in my bone density.

Charlene M

Because I feel a positive difference in my strength, balance and I am feeling sure-footed again

Sheri L

The welcoming was terrific and the attention to my workout and questions was over the top - thank you and keep up the good work. I saw my family physician Dr. Vanessa Shaneman and gave her one of your cards. She thought it looked interesting and plans to check it out

Bernie D

Very good program, friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Lorraine M

It's a pleasure to come to BioStrong. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The sessions are relaxed. The treatments are helping me to feel stronger and healthier.

Marilyn H

Excellent team. They are so encouraging

Barb B

I'm hopeful my bone heath will improve and appreciate the 1:1 guidance, the limited time commitment required weekly to make an impact, and the significant help with my body pain with the SOQI machine afterwards.

Lisa L

I am seeing great results, and always being reinforced positively every time I come for a session.

Margaret L

Friendly welcoming staff, explained everything very clearly and listened to and answered questions well. Very clean environment, not cluttered, appropriate decor to function but with a warmth. Enjoyable visit 😊

Fiona M

Jamie is friendly, knowledgeable, very personable. Facilities are clean, well organized and welcoming. The scientific approach to strength and biological benefits is encouraging for an efficient approach to better quality of life.

Barbra R

The specialist there were very professional very informative but ultimately the fact that I instantly got results immediately after in areas I didn’t even expect. I understand the importance of building skeletal muscle for mobility and longevity when building bone density, but on the other hand being an athlete Dennis training for a mountain biking race season by instantly felt relief in some problematic areas on my body and felt stronger right away

Joe C

I've had several coaches. All have been good. Mostly because I feel better than I have been. I feel stronger, more energy and knowing that it is helping me is important.

Theresa T

Educational; intelligent well spoken and helpful people - and I believe the program is helping my bone density

Lynn B

I found my visit to be very informative. The results of others, currently in the program, show they are making good improvements over time. The staff were very courteous & professional. The premises were clean & maintain privacy. I like that BioStrong is a safe alternative, compared to the usual pharmaceuticals for osteoporosis, that can have many dangerous side effects.

Barbara N

My trainer is knowledgeable, competent, encouraging,friendly and all around great guy. I've found all the staff to be competent, knowledgeable and friendly. The place is clean and has a nice feel about it. I like going there. My body is stronger and more flexible. It's an all around great experience once a week

Sylvia T

Great friendly staff! And I am feeling it today, so I know it works. Very comfortable settings

Jeff M

Very informative and gave my mom hope that she can have less pain in the future.

Maureen C

I am impressed with what Biostrong has proposed it can do for my overall Strength and improvement of my osteo scores

Jane E

Jon was excellent. He was so good at explaining the machines to me. He was friendly and helpful. The facility is clean. It was a good experience. Thank you for making me feel comfortable.

Sylvia T

Since I started with them. I feel stronger 💪. Very thankfully for there knowledge. I already recommend my sister , she just started and she is enjoying and it's given her incentive to push herself .

Lily C

I felt very comfortable with the machines as well as with the people I met there. I am sure I had a great sense of wellness as I left BioStrong for home.

Sanna D

Micheal was very thorough and handled my osteoarthritis very well. Looking forward to my progress!!

June F

The staff at BioStrong are always friendly and encouraging. I appreciate that the appointments are short and don't require a lot of time out of my day. I have seen very noticeable gains in my strength and feel that progress is definitely being made.

Retta M

My wife and I, who are in our 70s, have had several sessions, all of which result in noticeable changes in our strength, stamina, and mood. Not always pleasant with some fatigue and slight brief stiffness but the kind that one senses a promise of good things. Maybe wrong, but that's my assessment. Nothing but good experience in long-term results that I can tell. I'm surprised that it all happens from no more than a couple of minutes of mild warmups and less than a minute of treatment.

Victor H

Great service, everything was explained really well. Didn't feel like it was a pushy place like sales people normally are. Clean and welcoming environment, positive staff

Lora Zeoli

Refund Policy

BioStrong Inc. believes heavily in our ability to provide results for our customers. Should our clients follow our recommendations of weekly sessions and take direction from our BioCoaches during their sessions yet see zero results we will refund your membership fees 100%.

To be eligible you must come once per week for 8 weeks. If your muscular strength or balance or both does not improve, we will provide a refund for all membership fees.


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We will help you assess whether a program can help your condition and discuss the details of treatment.

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