Improve posture


Improve Posture

With the increasingly sedentary lives that we lead, posture is one of the first things to suffer. Many of us work at a computer, spend many hours per day hunched over a screen, and do little of the activity that used to keep us fitter and healthier. However, if you visit your doctor with poor posture in Canada, you may not leave with a good solution.

Poor posture is reversible – and it won’t take as long as you think. In most cases it starts with improving your strength and bone density. That will make your whole musculoskeletal system stronger and less likely to lapse into bad habits.

Bad posture occurs when the position we sit or stand in has the effect of tightening (or shortening) certain muscles while others lengthen and become weak. It is not just a problem among the aging population. Postural problems are increasingly beginning to affect younger people too.

Everyone with posture problems, regardless of age, can benefit from the positive effects of the BioStrong therapy.


How does BioStrong
help with posture?

The bone loading exercises that are part of the BioStrong therapy will start to correct poor posture from the very first session. While it might take a few sessions for the results to become obvious, you will slowly start to see the difference. By stimulating the body’s natural ability to rebuild bone, overall bone mass improves as porosity is reduced. Nerves within the bone also become more protected and this leads to greater comfort in movement.

This encourages greater motor neuron activity, which allows a greater range of motion using the device.

Over time, and under the guidance of professional supervisors, you create a “virtuous circle” that will not only naturally improve posture but also improve balance, breathing, and reflexes. It can also help reduce osteoporosis.


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