Improve Athletic Performance


Improve Athletic Performance

Bone mineral density and muscular strength are closely related.  Studies going back to the 1990s indicate this relationship in elite athletes. Achieving optimal bone density, in addition to building muscle should, therefore, be an important target for most athletes.

It is generally accepted that muscles naturally start to lose strength as we enter our 30s. If bone density is also lost, a decline in performance is a natural result. However, it doesn’t need to happen.

Athletes know that if they work to build muscle, they will enhance performance levels even as they age. The same applies to bone. In fact, you can build bone mass and strength at any age with bone-loading exercises. It also helps prevent injuries, such as fractures.


How does BioStrong help with athletic performance?

The bone-loading exercises in the BioStrong program are based on progressive resistance training (PRT). This gradually increases loads according to what your body can optimally take: a safe and manageable way to improve bone density for people of any age. Carefully-controlled forces on different parts of the body stimulate the natural ability to rebuild bone and improve strength.

For athletes looking to improve performance, Osteogenic Loading allows you to safely bring your bone density to far higher levels than a person normally requires for everyday life. We all have an in-built defense mechanism controlled by our central nervous system that protects our bodies from overexertion and injury.

Athletes who build a more powerful “frame” (musculoskeletal system) can push performance to the limits and “raise the bar” for the body’s natural inhibitions to start kicking in. In other words, as your frame becomes more powerful, you’re able to engage more muscle strength and achieve more power in your performance.


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