5 Tips for Building Stronger Bones

5 Tips for Building Stronger Bones

You have two eyes, which you protect with sunglasses and the help of an optometrist. Also, you have 32 teeth, which you brush and floss daily. You also have 206 bones in your body – what is their care routine? Have you considered what actions you can take to improve your bone health?

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bone to become weak, brittle and porous, resembling a honeycomb. These weakened bones are very fragile, meaning that you could possibly fracture a bone simply by engaging in daily tasks. Most often a diagnosis of osteoporosis is only made after an individual suffers a break/ fracture. Osteoporosis affects both men and women and increases in likelihood as you age. 

If you are beginning to feel worried about the possibility of a life-changing break, we are here to help. With only a few small lifestyle and diet changes, you can build the strength needed to keep living your life as you like.  

Tip #1 – Intake More Calcium 

Do you remember your parents telling you to “drink more milk”? They weren’t wrong! As the main mineral found in our bones, Osteoporosis Canada recommends a daily intake of 1,000mg of calcium for people aged 19-50 years and 1,200mg of calcium for people aged 50+. In fact, Canada’s Food Guide recommends 2 servings per day of milk and alternatives for adults under 50. The same guide also recommends 3 servings a day for those over age 50. 

Look for calcium-rich foods to add to your diet, such as chia seeds, fortified cereals and soybeans. Adding a calcium supplement to your vitamin regime is another effective option! 

Tip #2 – Eats Your Greens 

Did you know that eating vegetables can also increase your bone density? Green and yellow vegetables are naturally rich in Vitamin C, which promotes the production of bone growth and also bone mass! Next time you write a grocery list be sure to add broccoli, onions, parsley, cabbage, and other veggies that help you live a stronger life.

Tip #3 – Maintain a Healthy Weight 

It’s no surprise that maintaining your weight within a healthy range can improve your life with added energy and boosted mood. A healthy weight optimizes your mobility, flexibility and strength. These are all important factors in reducing one’s chance of developing osteoporosis. Make sure that you stay hydrated, well-nourished and properly rested to promote the wellbeing of your bones and lifestyle. 

Tip #4 – Weight-Bearing Exercises

While it may appear daunting, incorporating weights frequently into your exercise routine has impactful benefits on promoting the formation of new bone and strengthening muscle. If you visit the gym, try lifting some dumbells. If you don’t have a gym membership, try going for a walk while carrying a backpack with heavy cans or books! 

Tip #5 – The Ultimate Biohack 

BioStrong is a highly effective addition to any lifestyle looking to improve bone density and strength. Individuals with limited access to weight lifting equipment as well as those with limited mobility will benefit greatly from the convenience of Osteogenic Loading. Osteogenic Loading is a process of completing controlled loading exercises that creates enough force to be effective and safe. With only 15 minutes per week, you can improve your bone density, increase strength, improve posture and alleviate joint and back pain! 

Sessions at BioStrong are fast, effective, and measurable. See how you can live stronger by booking a complimentary session today!

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