BioStrong: A Solution for Functional Independence in Older Adults

BioStrong: A Solution for Functional Independence in Older Adults

Over the next 20 years, it is predicted that Canada’s senior population – those age 65 and older – will grow by 68%. The thought of watching the effects of aging on our parents, loved ones, or even ourselves is an uncomfortable notion. In this process, we find a new appreciation for celebrating the small moments in life. As well as celebrating the comforts and freedoms we often take for granted. When reflecting on the topic of aging myself, my thoughts often spiral about the wellbeing of my loved ones in the years to come. Is this the winter that one of my parents suffers a major fall and subsequent break or also a fracture? Do I also need to consider a retirement home or home care aid if my loved one cannot complete daily tasks? What financial cost would these scenarios ensue?

We know that people need a certain threshold of strength to perform the regular activities of daily living. This includes rising up from a chair or toilet, walking, climbing stairs, lifting grocery bags, and also carrying small children. This predictable loss of strength that comes with aging directly impacts an individual’s day-to-day functional capacity and also relates to the risk of falling. With heavy hearts, most people then accept these natural consequences of aging. They then look back at their physical condition of past years with fondness. They hold these moments as memories, a time and body they are unable to return to – or can they?

How can BioStrong help?

In 2003 the U.S Surgeon General stated, activities that “involve impact are most useful for increasing or maintaining bone mass.”. We are now living in an era where we possess the technology necessary to slow down and even reverse the physical effects of aging on our musculoskeletal systems, strength and balance. bioDensity is an advanced exercise-based therapy shown to build strength, increase bone density and improve functional movement. These gains can greatly improve quality of life, as well as prevent serious injury from a fall.

At BioStrong we utilize the bioDensity technology to prolong functional independence, mobility, and self-care in the aging population. Our system at BioStrong facilitates this process, using controlled loading that creates enough force to be effective and safe, according to the unique requirements of each user. Osteogenic loading stimulates your natural ability to rebuild bone tissue, muscle, and strength. Research shows that with a 10-minute osteogenic loading session once a week, people of an average age of 82 improved their strength by 49% after 3 months. Osteogenic loading triggers bone mineral absorption, which helps to remodel bone, increase bone density, and enhance muscle strength.

Take confidence in the preventative measures of BioStrong. Prolong your functional independence. Extend the potential for mobility and self-care. Schedule a free appointment for yourself and a loved one to experience the impacts of improved bone density and strength.

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