Making 2022 Intentional

Making 2022 Intentional

While set with positive intentions and ambitions, it is well understood that the vast majority of New Year resolutions fail to last after the calendar turns from January. Why is that? Resolutions like “lose weight”, “join the gym” or “run everyday” are lofty goals that come from a source of internal negativity. Improving our wellbeing is an opportunity to improve our quality of life! Mindfully celebrate the strength and potential of your body by setting intentions that will further promote the life that you want to live!

Below is a list of Top Intentions for 2022: 

Stay Hydrated 

We all know this, but many people struggle to drink enough water. Did you know that the Dietitians of Canada recommended drinking a daily 12 cups of water for men, and 9 cups of water for women? Are you drinking enough? 

Water is the most essential of human needs. It helps your body by: 

  • cushioning and lubricating joints
  • protecting your spinal cord
  • removing waste 

Carry a water bottle with you to refill throughout your day and opt for water when you enjoy a meal, you will save calories and money! 

Meditate for your Mental Heath 

You don’t need to be reminded that the world is a crazy place right now. The benefits of short, daily meditations can positively impact both physical and mental health. Meditating can help lower your stress, improve your focus and increase mental clarity. While meditating looks different to everyone, it is important to focus on your breathing and be mindful of how your body is feeling in the moment. Find a comfortable place to sit and focus on the sensation of your breath, be kind to your mind if it wanders.

Are you Sleeping Well Enough? 

Sleep plays a crucial role in your physical and mental health. It is in sleep that our bodies heal and repair vital systems, such as blood vessels. Adequate sleep reduces one’s risk of disease and infection and helps maintain a healthy weight and mindset. Adults should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night. To improve your snooze, make sure that your sleep space is as dark and quiet as possible, additionally, avoid blue light from screens for at least an hour before bed. 

Watch your Posture 

Proper posture improves spine health. Sitting and standing with the proper alignment improves blood flow, promotes nerve health and supports muscles. Back and neck pain are often the result of using incorrect posture. Try to be mindful throughout your daily activities to avoid leaning forward or hunching your shoulders; remember to move regularly and take frequent, short breaks from sitting.

It is important to note that sometimes poor posture is the result of inflexible or weakened muscles. These weakened muscles also restrict range of motion. A weak core can cause slouching and slumping. Strong muscles are essential to supporting your body. 

Stand up straight in 2022! 

Biohack your Body 

A strong musculoskeletal system is essential to a strong, active life. With only 15 minutes per week, you can improve your bone density, increase strength, improve posture and alleviate joint and back pain with BioStrong. With a short, weekly Osteogenic Loading session you can begin to see rapid and measurable results. Osteogenic Loading is a process of completing controlled loading exercises that creates enough force to be effective and safe.

Committing to a weekly BioStrong session is an intention that is easy to keep and will allow you to live the life you want! Sign up for a complimentary session to see how BioStrong can create a healthier body.

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