The SOQI Machine – Japanese Health Technology

The SOQI Machine – Japanese Health Technology

It’s no surprise that the sun is the biggest provider of life and energy on our planet. All forms of life, from plants, animals, and humans benefit from the Far Infrared rays present in sunlight. In nature, we can witness how powerfully sunlight promotes health, healing, and overall wellness. 

In Japan, they recognize these benefits. The benefits have also inspired the now-internationally renowned medical device: the SOQI Machine. This form of thermal therapy utilizes a unique arched dome design, known as a Hothouse. This Infrared dome sauna maximizes the heat’s energy to penetrate deep. The heat's energy promotes healing and detoxification from inside the body. 

Far Infrared heat is effective at the cellular level. It penetrates tissues deep under the skin to relax, release toxins, and promote healing processes. Without chemicals or drugs, the SOQI ceramic heater is an effective wellness device. Cell tissue heals under the wavelength frequency of the Infrared heat when combined with the elevated body temperature. Blood flow, circulation, and oxygen are all stimulated by the Far Infrared waves. Injuries, sprains, and strains all benefit from effective repair and regeneration. The Far Infrared waves also bring pain relief.

Diseases like cancer also benefit from the immune-supporting effects of the Far Infrared waves. The waves also promote the production of white blood cells and their circulation throughout the body. In fact, countries all over the world, such as Italy, Germany, and Switzerland use this Infrared technology. They call the treatment “Hyperthermia Therapy” when used in their hospitals. Deep penetrating heat is effective when treating cancer. The heat is also effective in the maintenance of cardiovascular conditioning.

Receiving Far Infrared therapy is a gentle, comforting, and enjoyable experience. All you need to do is lay down and relax on the bed as we direct the dome over the body. You will begin to feel physical and mental relief. The perceived temperature increase is subtle, a similar experience to laying in the sunshine on a warm summer afternoon. Traditional saunas heat up the air around you, causing your body to become wet with profuse sweating. Far Infrared machines use dry heat, meaning that you can remain clothed, dry, and comfortable.

While relaxed and enjoying the comfortable warmth, we place your ankles on the Chi Machine. The two devices create a powerful combination of effective healing technology. While laying on your back, the Chi Machine swings your legs from side to side. The device creates a swaying motion that mimics walking. This helps to promote spinal relaxation and effective lymphatic drainage. The motion is also very relaxing and enjoyable.

Alongside the effects of the SOQI machine, BioStrong can maximize your body’s wellness through Osteogenic Loading. BioStrong is an effective addition to any lifestyle looking to improve bone density and strength. Osteogenic Loading is controlled loading exercises that create enough force to be effective and safe. With only 15 minutes per week, you can improve your bone density, increase strength, improve posture and reduce joint and back pain!

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