Building Bone With Your Breakfast

Building Bone With Your Breakfast

I’m sure this may not come as a surprise: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! The word breakfast means just that, to break the overnight fast since your last meal. As this Save Our Bones article mentions, this important first meal of the day replenishes your body’s glucose supply, boosting your alertness and energy levels for the day ahead. Additionally, this meal provides the opportunity for other essential nutrients that your body requires for optimum health. Below we are going to focus on how you can use your breakfast to better your bone health. 

Did you know that most people reach their peak bone and muscle mass between the age of 25-30? We begin to lose bone mass as we enter our 40s, but, the framework of our bodies can remain strong with the proper steps. To avoid the risk of osteoporosis and possible fractures, a diet rich in calcium is essential. Calcium is a primary building block of bone. In fact, our skeleton stores 99% of our body’s calcium! Strive to intake 1,200mg/day. Be sure to include a Vitamin D supplement in your routine as it plays a vital role in your body’s ability to absorb calcium.

According to this article on WebMD, we live in an era where our grocery stores are bursting with fortified foods in every aisle. Be sure to check the labels on your products to ensure that they are calcium-enriched.

Drink up!

Pairing your meal with a glass of orange juice fortified with calcium and vitamin D is a delicious way to promote bone health. A small glass of fortified dairy or non-dairy milk would also provide these vital nutrients.

Use calcium-rich yogurts in a health-boosting smoothie! If preferred, reach for lactose-free yogurt. Adding leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and/or celery contain all the nutrients needed for bone health. Use berries (or your preferred fruit) to keep your smoothie as delicious as ever while also adding beneficial antioxidants! Be sure to add fortified milk or orange juice to complete your bone-boosting breakfast. 

Steel cut oatmeal breakfast bowl

Oats are rich in minerals and nutrients that promote bone density. These include calcium and magnesium. Follow the instructions on your preferred brand to create the base of your breakfast bowl. Pair your oats with antioxidant-rich berries, as well as Greek yogurt for creaminess. To add a little sweetness, a few drops of maple syrup or honey can be added. This powerful breakfast is simple to “meal prep” into multiple containers; refrigerate and enjoy delicious overnight oats (your bones will thank you!).

Add eggs to your breakfast

It’s no surprise that eggs are an “egg”cellent source of calcium! Whipping up an omelet is a health-conscious way to start the day. Be sure to mix your eggs with fortified milk, then add in a range of nutrient-rich toppings. For example, spinach, cheddar cheese, and smoked salmon as noted in this Shine365 article. Pair with toasted bread made from bread fortified with folic acid and iron. 

Incorporate BioStrong into your routine

To maximize your body’s ability to build denser bones, consider also adding BioStrong’s Osteogenic Loading sessions to your regime. BioStrong is a highly effective addition to any lifestyle looking to improve bone density and strength. Osteogenic Loading is a process of completing controlled loading exercises that creates enough force to be effective and safe. With only 15 minutes per week, you can improve your bone density, increase strength, improve posture and also alleviate joint and back pain!

Sessions at BioStrong are fast, effective, and measurable. See how you can live stronger by booking a complimentary session today!


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