Exercising for Your Bone Health

Exercising for Your Bone Health

You’ve heard it before: exercise plays a vital role in the health and wellness of our bodies. From childhood to late adulthood, regular exercise can help improve your life. It can lower the risk of disease, prevent weight gain, and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. But did you know that regular exercise benefits your bones as much as it impacts your heart and lungs? Like muscles, our bones are living tissue that grows stronger by exercising. Regular physical activity can improve your bone health, coordination and balance.

As most people live through their 30s, they are unaware that their bones have begun to lose density and tissue. Exercise is essential to prevent bone loss, osteoporosis and fractures. For those already suffering from osteoporosis, exercise is an effective means of treatment. It is important to find the safest, most enjoyable activities based on your health and bone density. There is no “one size fits all” regime for exercise. Read on to discover what exercises you may enjoy doing while simultaneous promoting bone health:

Take a Hike

Imagine nature sounds, fresh air, and scenic viewpoints – hiking is an activity that benefits the health of our muscles, minds, and bones. Hiking is a textbook example of a “weight-bearing aerobic activity”. This type of exercise works to slow mineral loss in the bones in your legs, hips and spine. As your body works under the forces of gravity and body weight will strengthen your knees and hip flexors.  A hiking backpack also benefits your shoulders, arms, and back – hiking is a truly full-body workout! Find a trail and enjoy the outdoors while also improving your bone health. If you prefer an urban setting, walking, jogging and using an elliptical are also effective in benefitting your bones.

Grab your Racquet

There are many racquet sports to choose from, for example, tennis, squash or pickleball. These racquet sports combine the benefit of weight-bearing aerobic activity with cardiovascular fitness. Tennis is an impactful all-around sport that improves bone mineral density through power and strength. Studies have found that tennis players have stronger bones and lower BMI compared to non-players. Try a new racquet sport and enjoy the added social benefits alongside the musculoskeletal ones!

Strength Training

Have you ever used free weights, weight machines, or a resistance band? These activities put stress on the body, which in turn trigger cells to build more bone. Additionally, with strength training, you can target the areas of your body most prone to fracturing. For example, the spine, wrists, ribs and hips. This building of muscle can also contribute to better balance and reduce your risk of falls. If you don’t have access to equipment, exercises like pushups, pullups, planks, lunges and also squats can help you develop strong bones.

Effective Biohacking: BioDensity Technology

Do you have limited time to dedicate to bone-building exercises? BioStrong is for you. With only 15 minutes per week, you can improve your bone density, increase strength, improve posture and reduce joint and back pain! With a short, weekly Osteogenic Loading session you can begin to see rapid and measurable results. Osteogenic Loading is also the ultimate biohack. It is also a process of completing controlled loading exercises that creates enough force to be effective and safe. You will complete four simple movements that will consist of pushing and pulling in different directions. These are scientifically designed to trigger bone and strength improvements. This proven, natural process is the most effective system on the planet for improving bone density.

Sessions at BioStrong are fast, effective, and measurable. See how you can live stronger by booking a complimentary session today!

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