How Lily's Bone Density Has Improved With BioStrong

How Lily's Bone Density Has Improved With BioStrong

Lily's Testimonial

Lily has been dealing with lower bone density and a lack of strength. She came to BioStrong looking to improve her bone density and strength. With just 15 minute sessions a day Lily was able to improve her bone density from a bone density scan from under 0 to +2. Her strength has also improved, which she found out after a visit to her doctor. Lily has since recommended BioStrong to her family to try it out too. She also mentioned that she no longer needs to worry about a bone breaking from tripping or similar.

What is BioStrong?

At BioStrong we use osteogenic loading exercises such as bioDensity to improve bone density from osteoporosis. BioStrong is a proven, safe, and natural way to improve bone density, improve posture and balance, reduce joint and back pain, reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis, boost athletic performance, and reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

Many people do not know if they are losing bone density until they break a bone. We are also able to perform a bone density scan using DEXA. This is part of our complimentary session, which you can book for FREE. This orientation session will mean you will know your T-Score so you know how likely you are to break a bone. Then, come back to improve your bone density and strength in just 15 minutes per session. Book your free session today!

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