Tony Robbins and Bone Density

Tony Robbins and Bone Density

Tony Robbins is an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur, investor, best-selling author, and philanthropist. He has also had a massive impact on making osteogenic loading more and more mainstream.

Tony Robbins’ speaking career began when he discovered Jim Rohn. Using his meager salary of $40/week as a janitor, Tony Robbins paid to attend a Jim Rohn seminar for $35. That event would then change his life forever. Tony ended up approaching Rohn and asking if he could work for him. Shortly after Tony Robbins started his own journey and by 26 had a best-selling book and a notable speaking career.

In 2016, Tony Robbins discovered osteogenic loading. He now calls it one of the best technologies to improve strength and bone density in the human body in the shortest amount of time. According to Wikipedia: “Osteogenic loading is a rehabilitative exercise method with the goal of improving bone density and preventing bone fracture. This may be seen as a brief, intensive, resistance exercise for bone health.” The principle behind osteogenic loading is based on Wolff’s law. Wolff's law explains that if you put enough force on the bones (typically around 4 times body weight), it will stimulate the bone’s natural ability to increase density. Through osteogenic loading, people can see between 5 and 12% increases per year in bone density. As a result, people with osteoporosis or osteopenia can be very notable.

According to Tony Robbins, the fastest and most efficient way to increase strength is to hold the largest weight you can handle in a static position, or in other words, with no range of motion. Then, due to the large amount of weight, you’re unable to do this for more than a few seconds which makes your entire workout only take a few minutes. Tony Robbins and also his wife Sage both use the technology every week. They also have seen phenomenal results which is why Robbins is a major advocate of osteogenic loading.

Tony Robbins also talks about how osteogenic loading is the perfect antidote for preventing and reversing osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition which causes bones to be brittle and weak. Since a person's bone health typically declines starting at age 30, then doing something like osteogenic loading to prevent issues later in life can be extremely valuable. Typically women lose more bone mass than men, especially after menopause. One in three women will experience osteoporosis in their lifetime.

Tony Robbins talks about being obsessed with finding the things that the top performers do differently. One of those things is finding the best way to achieve the greatest results in the smallest amount of time. Tony Robbins calls osteogenic loading vital to his lifestyle and says it has transformed both his life and the lives of his friends and family. Tony says his wife Sage has never been an avid fitness enthusiast but is addicted to the technology. This is because in just 10 minutes a week she can produce the maximum amount of increased strength.

In 2017 Tony Robbins partnered with OsteoStrong which is a franchise that provides osteogenic loading throughout the US and by doing this Tony Robbins helped to make osteogenic loading more mainstream.


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