What is Vibration Training?

What is Vibration Training?

Vibration training is when a constant vibration is delivered to the whole body while standing or exercising on a platform that vibrates between 10-60 Hertz. The vibration transmits throughout the body, causing the muscles to contract and relax dozens of times every second. The vibrations then cause the muscle to increase blood circulation throughout the whole body. Muscle strength, balance, and finally flexibility improves as well.

Initially, scientists involved with space travel designed vibration training. They found that astronauts who were spending months on the space stations lost 1 to 2% of their bone mass each month. Scientists discovered that standing on a lightly vibrating plate for 10 to 20 minutes each day helped regain the bone loss.

How Does the Vibration Plate Work?

The vibration plates at BioStrong are designed to utilize vertical vibration to stimulate natural body movement, instead of using an unnatural wobble or circular motion. Looking at the movement of the human body when walking or running, our feet, legs and arms are all moving up and down. Our vibration plate is a stable stationary vibration platform. This means the plate adds no extra stress to the body since it does not wobble or use side-to-side movement. When using the vibration plate, the entire body vibrates allowing for involuntary natural reflexes throughout the whole body. These reflexes allow for up to 100% muscle activation, compared to regular exercise, which might only activate 40% of your muscles.

Why does BioStrong use Vibration Plates?

At BioStrong, we use our vibration plates for our warm-up and cool-down exercises. When doing regular types of exercise, our muscles contract one or two times each second. When exercising on the vibration plates the vibrations cause the muscles to contract 10 to 60 times every second. The increased muscle contractions allow for great use and development of your muscle fibers. This means you develop more muscle tissue and stronger muscles. Over time, this will allow your muscles to increase in density and strength, resulting in improved balance, posture, coordination and increased bone density.

What are the Benefits of Exercising on a Vibration Plate?

According to a research study in whole-body vibration exercise in postmenopausal osteoporosis, the researchers found that vibration training can bring success in treating pain resulting from osteoporosis and it increases physical fitness. They also found that vibration training increased muscle strength, neuromuscular coordination and balance, and reduced the risk of falls, often resulting in fractures.


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